About the poet

I’m a born writer, that’s what I am… all these poems are originally made by me created with passion and love straight through my heart… Thank you for visiting, I hope yah all enjoyed reading them…

Also see: MY POEM BOOK PART1 a compilation of my poems written in 1997-2002.



18 Responses to “About the poet”

  1. Wreckless Says:

    Galing mo talaga… 🙂

  2. Pretty_gurl Says:

    You’re poems are the best and i liked reading it… I learned lessons from it too… dada

  3. Rebecca Peters Says:

    I like your poems… can I have copy these, I mean with your permission? can I?

  4. Wow.. I wasn’t expecting such comments.. Thanks guys.. yeah you can use it just don’t owe it.. If you borrow it I expect the credits posted on it… hehe
    Thanks guys.. your comments made my day…

  5. Rebecca Peters Says:

    Ok tnx!

  6. I liked your poems but i noticed one thing most of your poems portrays sad emotions, nothing I’m just curious whats that about?.. Kasi ur poems differ from your personality, pagnakikita kita ur so alive, happy masayahin ka it surprise me to read your pieces and its full of sad thoughts and anger, paano ka nga pala naging introvert sa pagkakakilala ko seu your a super extrovert person ang saya mo kasi sa gimikan … hehe

  7. Yeah, tama ka Garlic… But I’ve known Rhiana.. She is what she writes, she’s just good in hiding her emotions to people who barely know her… No offense, I’m not saying you barely know her but once you know her deep inside, you’ll find her a lot more interesting… dba YAng? (Palakpak tenga) ahehehehe 🙂

  8. Ganun ba? Is that a compliment? hehe, tnx.. Nde ko alam eh, basta when I write, I’ll make sure it is from my heart, yun ang turo sa akin ng mga madre sa St. Paul.. hehehe 😀

  9. Galing ah.. pwede magpagawa ng poem?

  10. syempre.. kaw pa malakas ka sa akin.. tungkol saan?

  11. can I use the poem “if i were” please, can I? 😀

  12. sure… remember just don’t owe it… just borrow it… 🙂

  13. Hola, estuve leyendo tu blog

    Hay cuatro poemas que expresaban sentimientos tan hermosos que quise conservarlos para siempre, estan puestos en mi blog con tu nombre.

    Rhiana Zero 1
    Rhiana Siempre
    Rhiana Deseo Morir
    Rhiana Cuando el corazón habla es amor

    Lamento hayas dejado de escribir.
    Describes los sentimientos de un modo único y eso permite que podamos sentir identificados.

    Gracias por tus poemas!

  14. Gracias a usted, pero no estoy muy bien en español, soy un filipino … Mind si usted traduce lo que ha dicho en Inglés … que sería muy de agradecer ..
    sure you can use it, but i still expect the credits on it… thanks for the compliment.. Seguro de que puede usarlo, pero yo ya esperar, los créditos consignados en ella … gracias por el cumplido ..

  15. Why close blog?
    I`m cant see

    Please open again!

    I like reading!

    ups, sorry write

    consideralo por favor!

  16. oh there, it’s already opened.. tnx for reading, enjoy! =)

  17. Sus nuevos poemas son maravillosos.
    Hay de tristeza, melancolía y un amor profundo.
    Estoy fascinada con Amor Prohibido.
    Me encanta la pasión que expresa cuando escribe.

  18. thats really good!

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