By: Rhiana Jay
Written: December 5, 2017

I had a friend I’ve known some time ago
She was such a good person to me
Felt it was good, good things she’d shown
And she is always smiling back at me

She is the friend, I want to have
She made me strong, she made me laugh
Her thoughts are genuine like a dove
She’s one of a kind and she is tough

We haven’t spoken since she lied her way
Away from hell where I used to stay
She is the angel from that dreadful place
An angel I’ve known in an ugly pace

Out of impulsiveness I cursed her lie
It made her mad but it made me cry
I didn’t want it and so I apologized
But I hear the silence way up high

Now I see it written all over her face
She doesn’t want to fix it, such a disgrace
But she doesn’t know how I have felt
She doesn’t know how my heart have melt

Why won’t you say what you want to say?
Your deafening silence is so overrated
I still wish that you would have stayed
That way friendship would never have faded.

We haven’t spoken since you lied your way
Away from this hell where I used to stay
Well maybe someday, it’s gonna be okay
I’m letting you know, I’m willing to wait.


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