Written: May 07, 2009
By: Rhiana

At the corner of the sky, I see a familiar face
A journey across the land I’m about to race
Something that never happened before
Something I wanted to seek for more

Strengthened by fruitful words to guide
The love I always longed for deep inside
I came across to being so close too
Like I know nothing else but you

I begin to see something deep
That no one ever has seen before
This unexplainable feeling I keep,
I know there might be something more

When I saw your picture in a blurry
That familiar face came clear to me
It may be a dream wake me up to reality
But that face was the face in my thoughts see

I get confused and question things
Is this true or my mind just made this up?
Because the way I see these feelings
Is growing stronger even if I want it to stop

When I saw that face and knew straight away
You’re part of my past in thousand rays
I could just imagine the sweet embrace
I could have way way back in days

And then I remember that words, that glance
Wanting to give it a try just one last chance
But just as I’ve known aid me up this broken heart
Because it’s all in the past, now we’re apart.

I just wish to feel your presence again
Even if this time, it will be just as a friend
Because the way I figured all out
You’ve been my past my all about
Back in days…

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  1. thats really good!

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