Written: February 21, ‘09
By: Rhiana

The friendship started way back when
And loved the feeling to have those friends
One mistake and it is all taken for granted
Humiliated inside and kept it silent

The heart was hurt and came for revenge
These friends I have to test its edge
I did everything to make them feel
To be sorry and expecting to heal

But another way came around
To noise from another sound
One thing came to another
Leaving her behind, hurting there

I did not expect to feel this way
I treasured you friends I can say
But I just lost the game I started
You win now, if that’s what you wanted

I play you around in my hands
Hoping to ease all those rants
And day by day I begin to see
I realize now that the joke is on me

I would just want to plant a tree
But the seed went wrong it’s hunting me
I know I made a mistake cut it now
And no words must be spoken I feel low

It’s weird to be sorry and tell you this
But friend I realized something indeed
Your importance is what matters to me
But it’s too late now for an apology

I planted the bomb in my hands
And it is now bursting in silence
It is so hard to loose these friends
Wishing for them back again hence,

A second chance to be your friend….


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