Written: March 30, ‘09
By: Rhiana

I’m in the middle of darkness and light
One step sideways and I’ll be on either side
It’s my choice to make and I’ll make a bet
It’s hard to see what more should I get

I’ve been convincing myself about these things
That everything will turn out to be alright
But what happened to me I felt like loosing
Don’t know which way to go I’m out of sight

I’d seek for aid and try to cry for help
Heart is aching but my tears had dried
And now I’m lost and I find no reason
To continue this journey to make it home

Read between the lines and it’s getting closer
I have to choose but if only time runs slower
I know I have gained some and lost some now
When I come back will it be the same somehow

I want change to take place and I want it now
With wanting these things I will have to wait
I want to belief that things will turn out fine
But either way I have now crossed that line

People misunderstood me and now I am lost
I felt like I’m traveling in this world alone
Stuck in between darkness and light
Oh, how will I get to the other side of life?

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