Written: February 23, ‘09
By: Rhiana

It started out with just fooling around
My bell rang and the other responded sound
We’ve become friends and liked the feeling
The craze of you and me just talking

We’ve talked a lot of things and stuff
About how the world has been on us
Never a moment I haven’t laughed
With the stories shared and the trust

I said it before I can’t wait to see
The place of the friend I wanted to be
But the things that we’ve talked about
Is left in the air and simply was rubbed out

I know it’s a loss not to have you as a friend
And I’m sorry for all the things I did
I fooled you once and then again and again
Realizing a friend like you is what I need

I take the blame of what had happened
It’s hard to loose it and I want you to know
That you had been my treasured friend
And it hurts but I will just have to let this go

Knowing that I have lost you, I regret
That for now I’ll just have to say goodbye
But it doesn’t mean I’ll have to forget
I hope things will go well as time pass by

And now we’re back like strangers again
And I hate this feeling loosing a friend
But just because you don’t feel this too
Doesn’t mean I’ll have to say goodbye to you.

Just brace myself and trust and hope for the day
For what is expected that never happened
And that just one day I’ll find a place to stay
Closer to you and become a better friend.


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