Written: January 23, ‘09
By: Rhiana

My world has changed and my heart has melted
Didn’t like this and never has I expected
I came across to wandering and crying
About the pains it took for this denying

You came into my life and made me happy
You made me laugh and uplifted me
You gave me courage one step closer to you
And opened me up to something I never knew

We talked a lot about your life and mine
It is like the friendship has the strongest bond
And every words uttered was true having
Those words in my heart to live by believing

Having you to talk to in my loneliest days
I have appreciated it and I’m amazed
Because of that I want you to know
Forever I wouldn’t let this feeling go

I’ll find a way for us to get closer again
For you to know me much better my friend
And when that time comes, I’ll say
That forever by your side I’ll stay.

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