Written: January 23, ‘09
By: Rhiana

I was around feeling how uncanny it is to be a fan
To fall in love with the feeling of idolizing someone
Wishing how both worlds would unite and thus,
Being so close to each other like it can never last

You talk to each other and feel about how great it was
To know and to listen to your stories and your past
And wishing that time would just trick
The hands of faith you wish to seek

Suddenly you figure out that what you wanted to be
Is to be in that same place saying “It could be me”
You get inspired and do best you can
To be in that position you call akin to friend

And when the admiration grows it makes you happy
And you feel in love with what the friend has to be
And suddenly realize that idolizing someone
Just makes you feel contented being the number 1 fan.

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