Written: June 22, 2008
By: Rhiana

I see the world outside my hand
And start to figure out
The world I knew before has died
Didn’t know what it’s all about

When life has turned its wheel
And started on its way
I see the figures on my doors
And knew what I have to say

It’s me you know I’m innocent
Of what life has to buy
But when I think of thoughts reckoned
My life is passing by

I knew that I could do it
But I don’t stand the chance
I knew that I could make it
Oh please even just once

I love to dream and smile
Even just for a while
I love it when I see your face
The love I am to haste

I knew that I could do it
But what the hell is wrong
My life just doesn’t fit it
So just I wrote this song.


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