Written: July 10, 2008
By: Rhiana

The night is dark and the day is young
I want to feel the sun under my skin
The hot sunlight goes through my veins
Directly steaming my mind in the air

I want to feel the warmth of the clouds
Slowly glittering in the heavens above
I want lay down and rest for a while
Because my brains has traveled a thousand mile

I want to lighten up and rest from thinking
To heal the wounds my mind is screaming
Justify the heat of the sun under my skin
That all is worthwhile but this world is mean

I want to follow the light to where it shines
When sunlight has stopped and night will come
And when wonders stopped me from traveling
Is the time I’d gladly comeback to my dearest home

And when the stars are shinning in the sky
I will see how light the days passed by
And looking back through my pains and tears
The path I’ve traveled is worth those years.


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