Written: January 30, 2008
By: Rhiana

As I make my breakfast in the morning I can’t help but fear
Hide the pain my heart has been screaming since I got here
With teardrops in my eyes my heart is breaking in shame
Missing all those people I have loved all the same

Reminiscing moments I laugh and cry and play
Share those precious moments I wish I should have stayed
I have difficulties keeping all these to myself
Now the truth is out to open I can’t keep it in the shelf

It’s so confusing how life would play tricks on you
Why does change happen and it comes so fast too
Everything has been running to my head lately
And I fear the change that is waiting for me

I know that this is the battle I must learn to fight
I deny this moment where they’re not in my sight
How I try to forsake and cure the heart that’s broken
Still the heart is stronger than words that are spoken

I want to hear what my heart has been trying to say
I can’t find any explanations why I feel this pain today
I’m not so sure if everything will be the same
But tomorrow I’m hoping they’ll still know my name.

“till this day it’s hard to move with no one beside you
And know that it’s from a distance there’s nothing I can do
Night and day my heart has been burning in pain
Questioning myself, is this all that I have gained?

I stumbled with this pain I so much feel today
And avoid the truth of what my heart has to say
These teardrops in my eyes was the truth I can’t deny
That I’m missing them so much now and that ain’t a lie.

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