Written: January 1, 2008
By: Rhiana

It’s time to say what has been hidden
Even if I know my life is at stake I don’t care
Thinking about how I felt, it’s forbidden
The rest of my life with you I want to share

I’m ready to face the consequence
If you can just love me the way I love you
It is hard but I’m asking for just one chance,
Because I know you fear the love you knew

Even I am confused of how I’m feeling
It’s kinda weird and it’s not me anymore
Is it that I left the chapter open and confusing?
I don’t want my heart to suffer and sore

I want to turn to you in my deepest fears
Feel your embrace wipe away my tears
I want to be the best friend you never had
Yes I want you I needed you that bad

I have the funny feeling you love me too
Simply just like the love I longed for you
Then I went away leaving my goodbye
And I know that day you want to give it a try

If I tell it to you would I regret this one?
I know you’re confused and you deny
But with what you’ve said and done
Gives me the feeling our soul is one

I just can’t hide it anymore you know
My heart is so strong it longs for you
If I haven’t left what must we be now
I guess it’s a forbidden love somehow

Am I wrong would you tell it to me?
Correct the words my heart is screaming
Just wait for me someday you will see
When you ask I won’t be denying

I told you before and I’m telling you again
You’re my inspiration I need you my friend
Just give it a chance for our love to grow
Just as you know, I will hold on I won’t let it go.

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