Special Dedication to: nang let and nang ngut
Written: December 3, 2007
By: Rhiana

Down through the edge of the road
Sat three sisters looking at the view
Talking about what life had showed
These sisters experienced through

The older one says I can make it
I’ll protect you both from danger
I’ll be by your side in times of need
I will be here with you forever

The other one says I will watch it out
I’ll be here for the love and support
I will be here to erase all your doubt
Be your guiding hand and comforter

The younger little sister remained silent
Didn’t know what to promise that day
She knows deep down inside her heart
She wants something sincere to say

The younger little sister began to realize
That the promise her older sisters made,
Are the benefits of protection in her place.
Even in millions worth it cannot be repaid

Then the younger little sister said
This younger little sister then can see
What you my older sisters did for me
Do not worry I will just tell you this

My older sisters I don’t know how
To repay all the things all your vow
But this I promise you won’t be sorry
I’ll always be the sister you’d hope I’ll be.

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