Written: November 1, 2007
By: Rhiana

The one who’s been befriending me
Was the person I wish I long to see
I want you to keep on liking me
By now I know your heart is weak

I can feel by now you admiring me
And know somehow I feel the same
Just as the time I wanted to be free
Some situations are running lame

I like your company indeed was fun
I smile and it’s good to remember those
And when I think you are the one
My mind do remembers the most

We met just a short of memory
At an instant I’m gone in holocaust
Know that I still want to stay desirably
Sacrifices I think this is the cost

Just spill it out ‘coz I want to hear
The words waiting to be told
It maybe off and know it’s queer
But when expressed in millions fold

I’d like to start it up but fear
The awaiting pain and sorrow
What am I to loose, just hear
The word you but feel and know

Is it possible by now that I’m gone
We’d connect like we used to be
Because I may be in this foreign land
Still you’re all I wanted to see.

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