Special dedication to: Marshall Franklin
Written: October 28, 2007
By: Rhiana

I dwell in love of personal gain
Took advantage of my love in vain
I broke your heart shredded in pain
That almost mobbed you up insane

I stared in your eyes and what I see
The love I knew you couldn’t resist
I couldn’t understand you loving me
When all I bring is a love you missed

Reverent thing I couldn’t see
The sincerest love I pardon thee
I love the way you keep loving me
It gives me joy and satisfaction indeed

I thank you now for all those years
For healing my pain and all the tears
You have given me more than what I asked
And by now I know you’re love will last

Just wait for me as time will pass
I’ll return from home that is a must
And when I do I promise you
We’ll be together through and through.

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