Written: December 16, 2006
By: Rhiana

From the beginning up to end
I know you just want me as a friend
Didn’t know how this emotion started
How my friend you’re all I ever wanted

It so confusing for me
Leaving questions of animosity
Why my heart wants you this much
And my mind confers you with a grudge

With so many people surrounding me
I can’t figure out why you I picked to seek
I don’t want to admit it but I guess it shows
I want to stop it but friend it grows

It is so hard by now for this heart of mine
And the situation is no rebuff than fine
My friend I wanted to tell you everything
But I am so afraid with how you’d be reacting

You accepted me and welcomed me there
You we’re the reason I even care
But friend, when this emotion started
Confusion came over me of love and hatred

Why do I feel this way for you?
Why do I trust and love you too?
Why am I so confused like this?
Why suddenly it is you I so much missed?

With how I’m feeling for you
I know it’s not right to stay too
You have yours and I have mine
So it’s way better to just resign

Avoiding you must be the best thing to do
To forget and not think about you
But why just as when I’m starting to forget
You where there again, oh shit!!!

Somehow I want you to listen to me
Hear and let me explain with sensitivity
I don’t want you in my life anymore
But my heart wants you more and more

This all explains how this crazy feeling
With you and just you I am experiencing
Please don’t bewitch me with your charm
Because don’t you know it’s bringing me harm?

Well, I guess I can’t blame you
For letting me acquire this emotions so true
Telling you how I really feel is a must
Well, I guess this is already the hardest task

The next stanzas of this poem will be
The things that you will say to me
You’re reacting of how I’m feeling
So I’ll save these spaces for our next meeting.


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