Written: November 2001
By: Rhiana

I’m looking a place in this heart of mine
And I’m hoping for something new
I expected love to grow sublime
How I wish that it was you

There’s something inside of you
Maybe it differs from the other
What if you’d come to know
I once was your lover

He likes me yes I know
But I want something better
I’m not in-love with him somehow
For I’m in love with another

And that person was you
One who can make me feels good at times
Somebody who can make me happy too
I wish you knew that person was you

If you’re my friend was your line
Then I love you friend was mine
In my heart you’ll always stay
Because forever I’ll feel this way

If there’s a chance for you and me
I swear I’ll never let go
I hope one day you might just be
The one for all we know.


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