Written: July 2007
By: Rhiana

This life that I have lived
Was full of wasted tears
Yes, you know I have grieved
For loved ones died in years

I missed the old days
The past and all the faces
Is there a single way
To bring back those traces

I couldn’t move on to life
I’m stuck remembering
The past I had strived
To live and still surviving

I just have to remember
The things I really regret
Does it really matter?
If we’re trying to forget

I lived a painful past
And I think I’m still stuck
How long can it last
To live a life of lack

I can’t foresee the future
And I can’t attend to the past
If I’d come to see the pasture
Of fields and grounds of mass

Days worth remembering
Was all I have to wish for
Is it too bad to be aspiring?
For something good or more

I’d be confused forever
If I’m not ought to try
A better luck to remember
Was all I’d have for a cry

Years and years I have been
A brat that has been unwanted
Is there a better way to win
People I’ve so much wanted


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