Written: October 18, 2006
By: Rhiana

Smooth things are running around
Until such time this somebody I have found
Our places were like worlds apart
But he’s the only guy in my heart

Like a song, a gentle span
Perfectly suited for a band
The voices and sounds tuned as one
On the stage dancing hand to hand

The time I let him in my life
Our attitudes just cannot jive
I took it for granted and dominated
He got tired and was irritated

From then quarrels and fights occurred
Reasons of breaking up allured
Somewhere, sometime we’ve been discriminated
Then suddenly I got frustrated

Until such time, I realized how much I love this guy
Wanting us to give another try
We forced ourselves to stay
But it didn’t worked out that same way

We’ve been good as friends that time
Our song had run another rhyme
Confused is what I am back when
Don’t know if he’s a lover or a friend

The wounded heart has been healed
Our pass kept silent and was sealed
Swiftly and smoothly I was moving on
And I thought that the feeling is gone

We drew closer together again
It is clear now, he’s just a friend
Same as his treatment to me
Until such time it’s changing unnoticeably

Somewhere, sometime I’ve fallen again
For this guy I call my perfect friend
That it is so hard for me to pretend
I tried to hide it that’s what I intend

But then again he came back to me
And I accepted him again willingly
Out relationship is stronger this time
So glad the song is again at it’s rhyme.

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