Written: April 2002
By: Rhiana

When you look inside my heart
You can see the sadness I was hiding
I remember it all started
The day it’s you I’m leaving

All my life you were there for me
And never left me in times of trouble
You always assumed my safety
And kept me warm at all time

You thought me everything I know
Never did you left me alone
The trials I have to forgo
You were always my companion

Days passed and it’s parting time
Loneliness governed me
For me, its worst than a crime
But you said, grow up be a lady

I cast some promises to you
For you’re so important to me
I missed you through and through
For it’s you I long to see

Days just passed so fast
It’s been years that I haven’t seen you
When will this longing last
For you know I truly miss you

You asked me to go home December
And we waited for that day to come
I promised to go home for summer
But never did I came for some reasons

I planned just to surprise you
Maybe when classes is off
But now what can I do
For something big I just have lost

One simple day of June
I just got shocked by the news
I was tuning my guitars tune
When my sanity nearly got loose

They said you were gone now
And that hurt me so much
To accept this how will I know?
For I love you so much

I didn’t know how to react to that
With all those years we haven’t seen
I just wish you’ll come back
A tragic thing it has been

Trials come I know
But I didn’t expected this to happen
My world became so low
For you my grandma is my best friend.

Where will I get the strength?
To move on in my life
I didn’t expect that tragedy
Will serve as a lesson to me

Wherever you are I hope and pray
That eternal happiness will govern you
Sorry and thank you are the words I wish to say
And always remember, I’ll forever love you.


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