Written: July 2003
By: Rhiana

In a small village in an old house
There lived a girl that’s shy
That girl is pretty you know
But her mind is full of why’s?

She lived uncertain and innocent
Loved and cared by many
A world of joyfulness and merriment
But suddenly lost its sanity

Because of the obstacles that’s coming
Too many splendor things were destroyed
Her life changed in a different view
Unpleased with what she experienced

She grew with loveliness inside her heart
But never been noticed by many
She’s striving to make her life better
But never did she stand a chance to be happy

Learned lot of things and is trying to be wise
Too many responsibilities, great expectations
Too many promises, satisfaction guaranteed
And to herself, nothing left to pick

With all the frustrations and tragic endings
She began to view things the negative way
Trying to find the real meaning
Of this game named life she plays

Confused is what she is now
Don’t know which is to believe
She tried to be terrible although
She does not really want to

Of all those things she finds no reason
To accept what was going on
It doesn’t bring her satisfaction
For no one shows her much affection.

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