Written: January 2003
By: Rhiana

The story all started
The day she became my friend
That instance I wanted
Her to be my closest friend

The friendship grew bigger
And I learned to like her as she is
All those times that we were together
The story goes like this

We often talk about our ins and outs
Our past and our what about
The deepest secrets we’re told
It was a treasure more than gold

It was almost perfect when
Somebody must have interrupted it
I divided my time with him and my friend
But their attitudes didn’t fit it

They didn’t like each other
But I tried to work things out
It grew from one mistake to another
And she wouldn’t shut her mouth

I heard gossips from friends
About what she’s been rumoring about me
And it hurt me a lot after all
I treated her like a family

I’ve talked to her about it
And it took so long for her to admit
It hurts me more to hear from her
The thing she told me like:

You’re selfish, you’re untrue
You only think of what’s good for you
The reason why I’m doing this
Is for you to know I hate you indeed.

To the friend I learned to treasure:
It may not be made of words so pure
But to everybody you’ve just told
I just want to clear my name

I maybe selfish, yes it’s partly true
But I’m not a traitor just like you
Guess who’s selfish now, I question you
Be the judge of what you do

Twist your tongue with words of anger
Go ahead push me in danger
All those things affected us somewhat
I won’t blame you for doing that

I admit I made a mistake
Somehow you have yours too, don’t hesitate
If what you wanted was a perfect friend
I’m sorry, I can’t be perfect my friend

Before the semester ends, I want to tell you this
I have treasured you my friend that is
Remember now, I once was true
To a friend and that friend is you.

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