Written: September 9, 2001
By: Rhiana

I rode a plane I knew
That could lead me to my destination
I met some people who
Might be cool for my premonition

As I came inside to take my seat
A friend called my attention
I thought her intentions was neat
Only it led me to frustration

As the flight started aboard
I mingled with them all the while
Later I could no longer afford
To be with them, yet there’s still a mile

I tried to find something new
I’ve searched for a good friend
But someone misunderstood my clue
That I wasn’t paying attention too

The plane was full and occupied
That I couldn’t find a better seat
So I just have to bring down my pride
Pretending I was something neat

I want to halt the plane from flying
Or maybe I could have jumped over
Then I came to myself realizing
I wouldn’t settle for being a quitter

I decided to continue my flight
And do the best things I could
Who knows someday I might
As well influence them good

Now I have seen our destination
And I’m the only one awake
They have fallen gag out through that mission
Now, I’m proud of all the things I made.

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