Written: September 2003
By: Rhiana

Many times in my life I’ve been longing
For somebody that could be interesting
Somebody that could make me feel happy
That I can be able to see his sincerity

Then there he came into my life in an instant
I know from then it is him I so much want
I knew from then my wish came true
When I told him the words “I love you too”

Most people think we’re no good to each other
And they criticize us for being one somehow
Attitude is what they are against us
But we jive and went on as it was

Rough, tough and hard times we’ve gone through
And it made our relationship stronger
So many things in life we have shared
So many times and sacrifices he spared

I love this guy I know I do
And that I know that he loves me too
From now ‘till the day I die I swear
To make him feel loved at any manner


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