Written: June 2002
By: Rhiana

Sitting alone on one corner of my room
Thinking about the reason of my being
Listening to those sentimental tune
In my life it has been so confusing

The most important person to me
The very reason of why I’m living
In my life I’ve never felt this lonely
The day I knew she’s been dying

One thing I’m hoping that could happen
Was a wish for us together again?
Before she go we could talk about her plans
All her goals, wishes and wants

I just want to thank her for everything
Personally talk to her and share experiences
To hug her for the last time I’ve been longing
But it’s time for her eternal rest

What is this feeling inside of me
Such loneliness and frustration I keep
I never expected this could be
So painful, so hard for me to accept

Right now, whenever I remember her
What comes to my intuition are
Emotions that leads me to confusion
God must have done this for a reason?


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