Written: June 15, 2007
By: Rhiana

Some things are worth remembering
When you and I are used to strolling
I have liked you way back then
And I know I admire you my friend

Things are so good I really enjoyed it
Thoughts of you lingered in my mind indeed
I felt way back you’re willing to open
A door for us to enter then

But I have wasted all my chances
When I have set up all the changes
You may have thought that I’d leave
And just as that time I had grieved

Truth is I didn’t miss the company
I have missed the days of you and me
The time we’ve spent together
Will always be a treasured laughter

Now that I’m back you’re not acting
The way I’m suppose to be expecting
You have changed how you treated me
Way back was all I wanted to see.

I just wish we’d be friends again
When the doors was open for me then
I couldn’t finish anything successful
Because my heart is so powerful

I just wish that somehow it will grow
The friendship that was broken ago
Yesterday was easy to remember
But today is something to consider.

My friend, will you come back and see
The friend I have thought you’d be
Please I’m praying so hard today
That I’ll have you the rest of the way

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