Written: March 2007
By: Rhiana

I could have gave you my love from the start
I could have told you the vows from my heart
But things didn’t worked out the way I planned
Love slipped away from me in a glance

Today was another day to make it right
Ideas had come to my head and I hope it’s bright
I saw you standing there I tried to make it up
But chances slipped away again in a snap

You’re taking your vows to someone I never knew
I could have told you the words “I love you”
But I just turned around hurting inside
Giving up the love lifting up the pride

It is so hard to accept and to loose this game
Disgracefully trying to hide the shame
Though everyone knows I love you
I’m hurting now, what else can I do

The first time we met you were smiling at me
As if amazed by the little big me
So accommodating, you’re so convincing
Like I knew that it was the real thing

But hey, what happened to all those amity?
I’m hopeless and you’re the vain inside of me
Still I’m hoping we’re meant to be together
But I guess everything now is over.


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