Written: April 2002
By: Rhiana

When I was young,
You were the one who took the responsibility
That supposed to be done by my parents
The hardships that of taking care of me

As I am growing,
You thought me things I should never forget
Fulfilled the promises of my being
Best years with you I’d never regret

At one point or another,
I’m very pleased and proud of having you
Though my parents aren’t there
You’ve been so supportive all the way through

One passed away,
And the other stayed with me
It hurts but I just have to accept it
But I know he’s always guiding me

The two of us,
Still strong but in search of him
We took care of each other
Made us the perfect team

The age of adolescence,
Didn’t gave her any problems about me
Hope we’d always remain d same
‘coz her love is always my remedy

As we step ahead,
Then comes problems and frustrations
Like we couldn’t do anything about it
That leads our world in certain confusion

She’s growing old now,
And not capable to take care of me
She decided to let me go
And explore the world before me

We separated ways,
And it hurts deep down inside
Letting her go was sure the hardest thing
That this feeling I just cannot hide

It hurts so much,
What can I do, this is the right thing
But the worst thing is
See her cry while I’m leaving

Now I miss them,
But I couldn’t do anything better
Rather than reminisce the moments
The moments we’ve spent together

Sometimes I cry,
Because some things reminds me of them
I’d really like to hug and I miss them

Now I’m on my own,
But one thing is sure I know
Though we’re far apart
They will always be in my heart.


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