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By: Rhiana Jay
Written: December 5, 2017

I had a friend I’ve known some time ago
She was such a good person to me
Felt it was good, good things she’d shown
And she is always smiling back at me

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February 4, 2010
By: Rhiana

Like a knife that was stabbed into my heart
the words you left that kept me wondering
distance made by choice and kept us apart
words of hatred and anger unrevealing
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Written: May 07, 2009
By: Rhiana

At the corner of the sky, I see a familiar face
A journey across the land I’m about to race
Something that never happened before
Something I wanted to seek for more
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Written: March 30, ‘09
By: Rhiana

I’m in the middle of darkness and light
One step sideways and I’ll be on either side
It’s my choice to make and I’ll make a bet
It’s hard to see what more should I get
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Written: January 23, ‘09
By: Rhiana

My world has changed and my heart has melted
Didn’t like this and never has I expected
I came across to wandering and crying
About the pains it took for this denying
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Written: January 23, ‘09
By: Rhiana

I was around feeling how uncanny it is to be a fan
To fall in love with the feeling of idolizing someone
Wishing how both worlds would unite and thus,
Being so close to each other like it can never last
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Written: January 23, ‘09
By: Rhiana

Unrevealing the secrets of my lucky heart
Inspired by words of wisdom and courage
To move forward and to know how to start
Surely a battle will surpass a widely rage
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